Our weekly shortie competition can be found in our emails and on our Instagram. To submit a shortie, write your own response to the shortie challenge and send it to Please let us know if you wish to remain anonymous. Winners of the shortie challenge will be posted on our Instagram and have a chance to have their response published in the upcoming issue of Caveat Lector!


Caveat Lector: LitSoc's Literary Magazine

Caveat Lector is LitSoc's Bi-Annual Literary Magazine containing poetry, flash fiction, and short stories. You may submit up to five poems up to 80 lines long each, and/or two short stories up to 2500 words long.

All submissions or questions should be made to along with your name and student number.



When can I start submitting my work?

Now! Right now!


When is the closing date for submission?

Submissions will close on 27 October, 2017.


Do I have to be a member of UCD’s English and Literary Society to submit work for the publication?


You can join LitSoc by emailing or through any of our social media and expressing your interest in becoming a member. We'll need your student number and €2.


What do I need to include in my email?

Send your work to in one of the specified file formats (see list below) as an attachment.

In the body of the email please tell us:

  • Your student number
  • The name you would like to be published under
  • The title of the work or else state “untitled”


What format should I send my work into you in?

For all written pieces please send documents in .doc, .docx or .odf files only!


Do I have to use my real name as the one to be published under?

No, we don’t mind what name you use.

You can specify what name you’d like to be published under or if you’d like it to say “anonymous”. You must, however, include your student number so that we can verify you’re a member of the society. If you don’t want your name to be known, please include that in the email and it will not leave the lips of the editorial team.


If my work doesn’t make it in to a particular issue of the literary magazine, can I resubmit it for the next issue?

Yes, if your work is unsuccessful the first time, you can resubmit it for the next issue a maximum of three times.


Is there a minimum word count?



Are there any restrictions on the kind of content I am allowed to put in my work?

We will accept most content including sexual content and profane language. We will NOT accept anything we feel is potentially hateful or abusive to some of our readers. Any opinion you wish to express will be accepted for submission providing it is not hateful or slanderous.


Can I submit literature in any language?

No, we will only accept work written in English but we will allow a few words of another language if it adds to the story.


How will my work be edited?

The editing process is minimal. If we need to do anything more drastic than a spelling or grammar mistake, you will be notified. We will not make massive changes to the pieces you submit.

You will also be given the chance to see how the piece will look before it has been published.


What can I do if I am unhappy with a change you have made?

If you are unhappy with any edits we have made to your piece, please feel free to contact us and we will explain why we made the change and you can state your case for why you would like it to remain unchanged.


Do you have a style guide?

No, there is no style guide and you can write in any style you like. We will assume all work is written in English and will edit the work accordingly unless you clearly state when you are submitting your work that it is written in a different dialect.


What happens to my piece once I have submitted it to you?

The piece goes to our publications committee. The first thing we will do is give it a quick scan and confirm that it meets all our acceptance criteria (i.e. correct format, all relevant information given etc.). It then goes through an editing process where it will be checked for any errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation and some minor phrasing changes if needed. We then finish editing and notify you if your piece has been accepted for the next issue of the magazine.


I’ve submitted my piece. Now what happens?

Now you wait! You will be notified by email if we have any concerns regarding your submission. All contributors will be notified if there work has been accepted or not into the next issue of the publication before we go to print.


When will I know if my work has been accepted for the publication?

Everyone will be informed at least a week in advance if their work they have submitted has been accepted for the publication.

If you submit more than one piece, you will be told which piece(s) specifically were accepted.


What happens if a piece I submit is not accepted for consideration by the editorial team?

It is very unlikely that this will happen. In the event that it does, it will be explained to you why it was rejected for consideration. You are still welcome to review the piece and resubmit it or submit a different piece of writing.


If I get my work published in Caveat Lector, do you guys own the work?

No, we retain the rights up to a week after the magazine has been published. If you would then like to submit to some other body, you can. We request that you attach the phrase "originally published in Caveat Lector (issue and year)" with that submission.      


What does Caveat Lector look like? 

You can see an example of our first issue down below, or follow this link.

Caveat Lector Issue 0